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How YOU can help The Carrying On Project!

We love being able to send carriers off to families, but the cost of shipping is high and getting higher all the time! We have sent out over 1600 carriers in the past year, averaging $8-12 each in shipping cost. If you would like to help us out by sponsoring a carrier click the link below! 


Your donations will help us get our carriers into the hands of military families in need and help spread the babywearing love- $25 will buy and ship a stretchy wrap or a ringsling to a new mom. $40 will buy and ship a MeiTai, and $60 can buy and ship a woven wrap or a soft structured carrier. We have gotten very lucky in our partnerships with several companies, large and small, who give us fantastic pricing when they can.


Want to donate a different amount? Please do! Every donation helps, no matter the size! Donations can be made through our link below, or you can contact us directly if you would like to donate a carrier or discuss other ways to support us. If you would like to volunteer your time or another skill, please contact us and see what options are available in your area!

Would you like to support The Carrying On Project? Your donation will help cover shipping costs and purchase carriers for military families. 


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