The Carrying On Project is excited to be working with some amazing photographers local to larger bases who have agreed to give a HUGE pricing discount for a limited time so that military families can have cherished babywearing or family photos for years to come. While most 20-30 minute mini-sessions can cost easily upwards of $100, this group of photographers has offered to do your session and edit 5+ images of print quality for $50, with $25 of that going straight to TCOP. We are so thankful that these photographers are willing to drop their fee for a limited time, so please consult our list of photographers and find the one near your base to sign up! You will have the option of signing a photo release for TCOP to use your babywearing photos, but it is certainly not a requirement. 

What Else Should I Know?


Where is My Money Going?
The Carrying On Project is not-for-profit organization that gives quality baby carriers to military families who could not otherwise afford them, and also works to educate families about the benefits of babywearing as well as bring communities together. The money raised from this joint project with your local photographer will be used to buy and ship carriers and maintain educational resources. $25 will go to your photographer for their time and expertise and the other $25 goes directly to TCOP. While $25 for TCOP may not sound like it will make a big difference, it will buy and ship and stretchy wrap or ring sling to a family in need. Two sessions will buy and ship a Mei Tai, and three will buy and ship a woven wrap or soft structured carrier!

How Do I Prepare for a Shoot?
  (from Sarah Case)
  • Plain colors are your best choice. Patterns or prints will distract and date your photo. Choose mid- jewel-tone colors in blue, green, wine and purple; hey are universally flattering.
  • Avoid wearing tops in flesh tones (cream, beige, pastels, peach or yellow). These colors will easily blend your face into your clothes. 
  • Also, I recommened to pass on bright red or orange. These colors do something funky to everyone's skintone, and we want you to look as flawless as possible!
  • Stark black and white are not good choices either. Substitute black with richer neutrals like chocolate, navy, maroon and forest green. 
  • Also, try to stay away from anything flashy (rhinestones, etc.). These tend to take away from the focus of the portrait - you!
  • A fail-safe tip is to pick a top that accentuates your eyes. (That’s why jewel tones work so well.)

  • A modest v-neck is universally flattering. It lengthens the neck and brings eyes to your face.
  • Opt for blouses with sleeves. For a slimming effect, wear longs sleeves.
  • Fine to medium gauge knits work really well because they introduce textural interest.
  • If you choose to wear a jacket, pair it with a collarless top. This is modern and keeps the neckline simple and sleek.
  • Crisply ironed shirts by themselves frame the face really well and happen to be my favorite.

Really stay true to the KISS principle with jewelry and accessories. You want the main focus of your portrait to be you and your family, not your bling.
Big statement jewelry will date your portraits.

Also, as far as make-up goes, apply just a little bit more than you normally would. The camera tends to take a little away. Please feel free to bring your make-up with you for touch-ups.