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TCOP Playdates!

Moving is hard, and military families do it on average every 2 years, sometimes more. The goal of our playdates is to help bring like-minded families in similar situations together to create a place where they will be able to find friends and playdate buddies, because moving often can make the world a very lonely place. These events are hosted by our volunteers around the country and overseas and are listed here on our website under events, shared on our facebook page, and many have their own local pages to help keep caregivers connected between events.

You can use the map below to check if there is a location near you. 


No one is meant to go at this military life alone, and while our service members have their units and their brothers and sisters in arms, so should our spouses have a family they can count on.

Mobile users may find it easier to view the map separately here.

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